Copying files to CD, help please ...?

Answer How many Cd's have you tried.Its not beyond belief,that you have a faulty batch. Try right clicking on a photo folder and choose 'send to D/drive, see if that works. Also, press start > my computer... Read More »

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Copying files issue, help!?

just click yes/proceed becasue it is basically saying now that it is not on your computer, your computer is not responsible for any loss of data that occurs on your USB (flash drive)...

I want to copy file names (text) from 'list view' into a word processing document without copying actual files?

Open up Word - Then bring up list of files - Then you need to hit the Print Screen button on your keyboard (some keyboards are holding down ALT and hitting Prt Sc and others are holding down Fn and... Read More »

Copying DVD's?

First step get a Mac.Then use Handbrake. It's easy free and works great!

Dvd copying?

If you have the installation disk, the best solution would be to locate Nero from the Add/Remove Programs. Click Change and then from the selection menu,select Modify/Repair. This should restore th... Read More »