Corsa b 1.2 16v SXI (1999) Just checking these parts will fit my car..?

Answer You can change the broke one. For new parts better you check the parts no. before buying.Nowadays all the shops have all details of a car part on computer. It's not difficult just you need your car... Read More »

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Corsa b 1.2 16v SXI (1999) Failed MOT..?

Hi,Not much you can do yourself unless you know what you are doing. As for the cost of doing the work at the garage it seems reasonable but it depends if they use pattern parts or OEM parts001, nea... Read More »

My corsa 1999 will not let me turn the key to start it?

Try gently turning the steering wheel back and forth whilst turning the key as it may be locking the keyswitch. Also spray WD40 directly into the keyhole. This will do no harm and may free off a st... Read More »

My car (vauxhall corsa 1999 1.2) has a problem where the gears are sticking...?

I very much doubt it's gearbox "fluid"....Hard to say what the trouble is without seeing the car, could be anything from the fairly common (in Corsas) wear in the gear linkage to a completely knack... Read More »

How could I tighten up the steering on a 1999 Vauhall/Opel corsa with EPS?

There will be no way to make steering heavier, it will be an electric motor working steering, if you can try another corsa with same setup, if steering heavier on the other corsa take to vauxhall a... Read More »