Could I have a Computer Science degree and work at an IT Business?

Answer Probably that way round as IT is the lower tech cousin of software development. Seems a bit of a waste and IT is less well paid than software engineering.

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What career opportunities do I have with a master's degree in Computer Science?

Hey there,Actually, you'll have the exact opportunities as if you had a BA. Consider getting a BA in Comp Sci and a masters in marketing - that's a good combo and there are tons of high paying cons... Read More »

Question about investment banking could you still get into investment banking with a computer science degree?

Most likely not. People who did only got benefits of being able to participate because they designed technical software. There was never a correlation between investment banking and computer scienc... Read More »

Which is better A degree in computer game design, or computer science?

Computer science hands down. Game design is highly specialized and has you focusing on a very narrow range of skills which will generally not be recognized outside of the games industry. On top of ... Read More »


Computer science leans towards software programming; whereas, networking is more on the hardware side. If you are a technical person than definately go for networking. You will be on your way to n... Read More »