Could I have a Computer Science degree and work at an IT Business?

Answer Probably that way round as IT is the lower tech cousin of software development. Seems a bit of a waste and IT is less well paid than software engineering.

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Would the 'Computer Studies Pathway' Access course suffice for enrolling to a Computer Science degree course?

'Access' in this sense does usually mean access to a degree, so if it's a year course, yes it is. Computer courses aren't as popular as they perhaps should be, so that should be enough to apply. If... Read More »

Which is better A degree in computer game design, or computer science?

Computer science hands down. Game design is highly specialized and has you focusing on a very narrow range of skills which will generally not be recognized outside of the games industry. On top of ... Read More »

In this day and age, where will a Computer Science degree get me?

Where do you want to go?This is where I work. Even in this economic climate, six software engineer jobs going. And this place is a proper kudos employer.

Computer science many say you can't do much with this degree (help)?

Well, in addition to a computer science degree, you also have to be smart enough to get and hold a job. It's not the best degree out there, but it's far from the worst.