Could anyone suggest some free wap sites?

Answer This works for me:

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Can anyone suggest some online 'brain training' sites?

It's not official "brain training" but I suggest Bontegames. On the righthand side are links to other people's games, which are standards, but on the left are Bart Bonte's own games which are full ... Read More »

Can anyone suggest any sites i can post a free ad to sell my parrot in the uk, thank you!!!?

Sell your parrot on MarketWall:http://marketwall.comMarketWall is free and you can sell your parrot to somebody near you in Dorset.

Can someone suggest some good job searching sites specifically sites which have jobs in sales and marketing?

The question is best answered if we know where you are based as Job sites tend to be country specific.I myself have used many UK job sites in the past, some good and some really bad. A site I used ... Read More »

I want to change my career and work with animals.Could anyone suggest some career options?

Hi, I read you would prefer to not sit down for long periods. My guess being working with animals would entail much/mostly standing, so that's good.Below are a few suggestions I can think of :-- Ve... Read More »