Could i get clips for fan videos off of my DVD's?

Answer You can however it's not a very easy process unless you know what your doing. Most store bought DVD's are encrypted so simply copying the files to your hard-drive won't work, they must be un-encryp... Read More »

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How to upload videos into Youtube from DVDs?

Easy you need to covert your dvd to a video it might take several hours though depending on it's lengthDownload a video coverter and install it after installed put it your disk or dvd you want to c... Read More »

How do you make those videos on youtube with the music and clips from movies, shows, ect...?

They either record the tv program and upload it to their computer via a screen recorder, or they download episodes of the tv program or movie straight from the PC.Either way, once they have gained ... Read More »

Could I be partnered for making videos?

Hello!You might get partnered, but you'll need to be a YouTube partner first, then you could be partnered with Machinima, TGN. IGN, Yeousch and etc. Make sure you upload frequently, didn't copy any... Read More »

Could you watch these youtube videos?

I don't have to watch any of them actually, and I don't plan to. Stop being a spammer.