Could my ISP increase speeds?

Answer Well, what I always do is pull the old"So I saw this company has this, do you have something similar for cheaper" "No sir, sorry" "Oh thats fine, can you go ahead and cancel my internet service now... Read More »

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How much could BT increase my speeds by?

Depends on what you are currently getting on the download speed and the equipment you are connected to.If you are on ADSL Max (still the only connection in some rural areas) then you can get upto 4... Read More »

Piling sandbags in the back of a truck would increase friction between the wheels and the ground, but wouldn't it also increase the truck's inertia, making it harder to stop on an icy road?

Adding sandbags to the back of a pickup truck increases the truck's traction and adds to the truck's mass. Fortunately, the truck's traction increases more dramatically than its mass and it becomes... Read More »

What Are V-Speeds?

V-speeds are a set of aircraft speeds that serve as a guide for aircraft operators. They indicate the speeds an aircraft must reach or maintain during several stages of flight for ideal performance... Read More »

Speeds on M/WAY?

I hate Christan terrorists (noted by that fish symbol on the back) driving in the outside lane doing 65 to 68mph. All they do is cause a blockage that means reasonable drivers end up in a back up t... Read More »