Could my ISP increase speeds?

Answer Well, what I always do is pull the old"So I saw this company has this, do you have something similar for cheaper" "No sir, sorry" "Oh thats fine, can you go ahead and cancel my internet service now... Read More »

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How much could BT increase my speeds by?

Depends on what you are currently getting on the download speed and the equipment you are connected to.If you are on ADSL Max (still the only connection in some rural areas) then you can get upto 4... Read More »

Why is my PC (which is running Vista) getting extremely low download speeds What could be the cause?

Computers are very versitial and perform a lot of tasks but they need to be maintained on a monthy basic.Right click on C drive/run disc cleanup>Then TOOLS> disc scanner (REBOOT COMPUTER) Then run ... Read More »

What could cause a humming noise in the front right wheel worst at speeds betwee 40 and 50mph?

If it worse when you go around corners It sounds like a wheel bearing.Not life threatening but get it replaced at your convenience.Don't let them talk you into getting both done, the other side cou... Read More »

What could I add to my qualifications to increase my chance of getting a job like this?

Get about 5 years experience in the role you wish to achieve. You will certainly get it if you're experienced.