Could someone please tell me where i can get books to downloand online for free?

Answer I have found this e book site.To access thousands of free e-books simply choose a category there. this helps.ALSO,You can search google, or better yet go to scroogle ... Read More »

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Where can I get audio books online for free without having to give my email address or Amazon account?

Why don't you just log into a online radio station then drop the browserto the Task Bar [Not close it] and then do whatever work you want to do.The station will then carry on playing in the backgro... Read More »

I can't afford a new Yamaha R1, could you tell me where yours is parked, and where the keys are please?

Take oneout for a test drive and keep on runninrunning all night long......... la de da de daaaaaaaaaa

Could someone tell me some good gaming laptops please?

You can't upgrade a Laptops as easily as a desktop. So today, you can get a good one. But in a year, anyone with a desktop will upgrade cheaply, and beat you.So get a great desktop. HUGE scree... Read More »

What is the biggest boat in the world could someone please tell me?

you are talking about ships. submarines are officially classed as boats so its probably the Russian Typhoon submarine at 48,000 tons