Could these emails be viruses?

Answer Don't open any emails that you don't know who they are from.. I did this and got a virus, mine was a greeting card, don't open them...

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Are these viruses or false positives?

Those are without a doubt a False Positive. Open SAS>>Go to Preferences Tab>>Scanning Control>>Manage Excluded Folders>> Add Avast to the listProgram Files/AvastProgram Data/AvastNOTE: SAS is NOT a... Read More »

Why do i get these emails?

NEVER OPEN THEM and NEVER click "Unsubscribe". There are two types of Spam;1) Spam that is looking for accounts that are in use.In this case, ALL the spammer wants is some indication that you looke... Read More »

Have you had one of these Emails ?

i had loads of them. at first glance i got quite excited then i thought 'i haven't put the lottory on' so i went onto the national lottery website and looked at scams and it came up with they wil n... Read More »

How can you stop all these emails offering viagra?

Get yourself a hotmail email account, then set your Junk filter to maximum ie. it only shows messages in your Inbox from people on your contacts or 'safe senders' list (see previous answer regardin... Read More »