Could this possibly work?

Answer yes but you can have issues with the packets beeen routed via all those machines, i would advise this method to say using 2 routers and piggy back connections.. wireless router ---> wirless dongle ... Read More »

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Could I possibly get blowout from 0.8mm - 2mm?

you'll notice the blowout once you've put it in. I doubt it can occur from that small jump though. I used to go up by 2mm every week, I don't recommend it, it can get dangerous but i've never had a... Read More »

A work colleague constantly swears. I don't feel this is appropriate. Could this be a form of harrassment?

Yes it is harassment if it is upsetting you and others around you. There is a time and a place for certain language and the office isn't it! Have you tried talking to her about it gently, so as to ... Read More »

Could Facebook possibly be worth $100 Billion ?

FB is doomed. It's losing users already.And multiple of 100x? People are criticizing Chipotle for having a multiple of 60x; and that valuation has solid organic growth to back it up too.I'm sorry. ... Read More »

What career path could I possibly take?

Assuming you'll be going to uni, this website is very good for ideas for what career paths you can take with whatever degree you decide to study…PS - Your ... Read More »