Cracked minecraft servers?

Answer mc.realitymc.inwhen you get in type /god after registration for god mode and promote me by telling them blackops invited me

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Any small cracked minecraft 1.4 servers?

Join My Server?Website: www.craftvillemc.comJoin My Server?Website:

Good servers for minecraft to grief?

Its hard to find a server without any commands/rules so the best way is to get into a normal server and play and get to know everyone until you get ops, mod, or even admin, then when the server isn... Read More »

Can't join minecraft or tekkit servers?

If your internet isnt good enough, that might be why. Have you port fowarded or are you using hamachi

I can't join any minecraft or tekkit servers?

This usally happens when you are playing on a laggy connection, this use to happen to me before the world had loaded. As for the fact that he is unable to join your game when he enters the ip try p... Read More »