Cut and paste on vaio laptop?

Answer Ctrl + X = CutCtrl + C = CopyCtrl + V = Pasteonly copied items can be pasted more than onceEDITIf the ctrl buttons dont work try highlighting the pressingShift + F10 = Right click selectionThen arr... Read More »

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My vaio laptop won't load after it shows the vaio startup symbol.?

Without actually seeing I would say you have a problemwith the hard drive stalling when it starts booting.Basically it just stops spinning that's why your not gettingany messages.If you had a probl... Read More »

How to Clean a Sony Vaio Laptop?

The Sony Vaio laptop is one of the easier laptops to clean. Because the keys are spaced to reduce the gaps, they don't seem to attract as much dirt and crumbs as other computers. Still, to give it ... Read More »

How do i view downloads on my new vaio laptop?

As you can't click on Start, click on the Documents folder.On the right it should say Downloads.That's the default position for downloads to go, so unless you changed it, they'll be in there. Doubl... Read More »

How to Attach a Sony Vaio Laptop to a Monitor?

A popular laptop available to users is the Sony VAIO. Some VAIOs are powerful enough to be replacements for desktop computers. Unfortunately, the laptops with that power are limited to still having... Read More »