Cut video's and combine them with others More detail below.?

Answer Here's a nice tutorial on splitting, cutting, and joining (what you said :-). You may also be interested in transitions too (also covered). As a bonus, only free video editors are featured in thi... Read More »

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Dual screen monitors (question in more detail below)?

of course if your video card has those two outputs

How do some singing videos on YouTube get more than others?

Production quality. How good your videos look aesthetically (especially how attractive the thumbnail is) have a huge impact on how many views you get.

When I warm more than one cup of coffee or milk together in a microwave oven, some of them warm more than others. Why does this happen Is there something wrong with our microwave oven — ON, Istanbul, Turkey?

When the microwaves bounce around inside the oven's cooking chamber, they experience an effect called interference. Interference occurs when similar waves, or portions of the same wave, follow diff... Read More »

Q's Abouts ACCA and CIMA courses Detail Below?

You definitely can do the academic part of both CIMA & ACCA courses in Nottingham see link below:…There may well be other educational establishments that d... Read More »