DJ kit and Computer Drives?

Answer Yes, you can try taking an external CD drive for a laptop with a USB output and using an 8 Pin Din Adapter to connected it all up.Good luck!

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What are the relative efficiencies and reasons for power losses in sprocket and chain drives, rubber cogged belt drives, pulley drives, and gear drives — RA, Montreal, Quebec?

The only power loss mechanisms I can think of in each case are sliding friction and vibration. The drive system most likely to experience substantial sliding friction is a pulley (or smooth belt) d... Read More »

2 drives on my computer || NEED HELP!!?

You are either going to have to reinstall them all or clone the drive back over the SSD.

My computer appears to have two hard-drives!?

You have 2 partitions , not 2 hard drives. Search google for partition if you want to know how to delete, modify it

How to Dispose of Computer Hard Drives?

Whether you are purchasing a new computer for your home or new computers for an entire office, you are probably wondering what to do with all of that old equipment. You could just give the old comp... Read More »