Defragment your hardrive?

Answer 1 go to My Computer right click C: Properties put a tic in both boxes Compress Drive.... / Allow indexing....... It will take a bit of time to do, but you will get a fair amount of space and speed ... Read More »

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How do I Defragment?

In the normal course of using a computer files and folders become fragmented on the hard drive(s). What this means is that files are not located intact in contiguous space but spread out in bits he... Read More »

How Do I Defragment a Disk?

When you defragment a disk on your computer, you help your computer to run more efficiently so you can access files more quickly. The disk that most often needs defragmenting is the hard drive. You... Read More »

How do you defragment your c drive?

Go the start, programs, accessories, system tools, defragmenter, and follow the instructions. Best do it overnight. Takes a while.

I set my PC to defragment 4 hours ago and it is still at 0% is this right?

Try one of the third party trial versions. I think Diskeeper Lite (freeware) may also be compatible. Make sure no program/screensaver interrupts the task and that you have the minimum space needed ... Read More »