Defragment your hardrive?

Answer 1 go to My Computer right click C: Properties put a tic in both boxes Compress Drive.... / Allow indexing....... It will take a bit of time to do, but you will get a fair amount of space and speed ... Read More »

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How do you defragment your c drive?

Go the start, programs, accessories, system tools, defragmenter, and follow the instructions. Best do it overnight. Takes a while.

How can you free up space on your hardrive?

Bunch of ways - here are some:1. Defrag your HDD using the tool found in the start - all programs-accessories-system tools2. Clear all the junk off your hardrive using add/remove programs in contro... Read More »

Can you download videos from youtube onto the hardrive of your computer in windows.?

If you have Firefox, get this;…If you have Internet Explorer, use this;

How do I Defragment?

In the normal course of using a computer files and folders become fragmented on the hard drive(s). What this means is that files are not located intact in contiguous space but spread out in bits he... Read More »