Deleteing someone else facebook photo of you?

Answer I've been in a similar situation, and unfortunately there isn't anything you can do except click 'ask for this photo to be taken down'. That's the thing about facebook :/ Sorry i'd love to be able ... Read More »

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What happens when you report someone bullying someone else through facebook?

Report it, It could take ages but thats just the way it is.Sorry

If a person posts a photo of you while the is of someone else does it me he has access to your fb account?

You can post a photo of whoever you want. And tag it. The tag will only be linked to that person if they have allowed you that right in their account.

How to Untag Someone You Tagged on a Wall Photo on Facebook?

You can add Wall photos to your own profile, or a friend's profile, so long as she has not restricted people from posting to her Wall. Anytime you apply a tag to an image, the person you tag receiv... Read More »

How to Delete Pictures That Someone Else Put on Facebook?

Your Facebook Wall is where you announce events, thoughts -- or just about anything else -- and your friends drop by to say hello or leave a link to a cool site. A friend on Facebook might also pos... Read More »