Deleting my current Facebook and creating a new one... am I justified in doing so?

Answer So, for the first part. Yes, it's justified. I've done it...but went back to my old acct soon afterward.I ended up running both facebook pages because there were friends I'd missed (just to read th... Read More »

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Deleting facebook!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Keep it up, but limit your time on it. If ur worried about exfriends or whoever else that might judge you delete them and set your account to private so they can't see any if your information. Easy!

Creating a facebook page?

You can easily do it. I suggest you to hide the page from your Facebook profile info section and don't invite any friend to the page. After that, there will be no more way to know who is the admin ... Read More »

Facebook.. is it worth me creating one?

Read this should give you a fair idea about the merits and demerits of Facebook…

Deleting Facebook photo's?

Hi! Actually you can only delete the pictures that you have yourself uploaded, so there is no LEGAL way that you can remove them without telling her to remove them.if you cannot talk to her for som... Read More »