Demonoid registrations are open NOW?

Answer nice maybe all the beggers will get theirs today. but i guess that's wishful thinking as most of them are still sleeping.

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Demonoid now open 11/06/0718.23?

thanks ever so much I have been watching and waiting since Xmas and always missed outgood luck to you mate.

What will 2010 registrations be?

From March to August it will be 10 (year 20"10")Then from, August it will be 60 (year 20"10" + 5 = "60"Then it will be 11 (2011), then 61then 12 (2012) then 62then 13 (2013), the 63If you work it o... Read More »

Why are there two number systems on car registrations?

The 07 is from march registration, the 57 is from September registration, that's all

How Do I Get Custom-made Trike Registrations?

A special kit can transform a motorcycle into a three-wheeled trike. A converted trike typically does not require special titling, as crucial elements, such as the engine, are unaltered, and the bi... Read More »