Describe the two name resolution methods in DNS systems?

Answer Interactive (or non-recursive) queries : You ask a first server, it gives the address of the upper level server, you ask the upper level server, and so on until one server gives you the information... Read More »

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Describe the Methods to Clean Up Animals After an Oil Spill?

On the one-year anniversary of the Gulf oil spill, the Daily Dead Birds website reports that 6,147 birds, 613 sea turtles, and 157 mammals were killed, in spite of massive efforts to rescue wildlif... Read More »

What Are the Different Methods of Conflict Resolution for Kids?

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GEOGRAPHY QUESTION - Describe the methods governments can use to control population size?

Talk about China's one child policy. They use incentives and decentives to convince couples to have only one child - they are trying to decrease the population size.Also talk abou Singapores three ... Read More »

If mia sets budgets, describe how she can plan her expenditure more carefully. Describe how this will help her?

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