Despite having a large computer screen any page showing on it is too large for the actual screen.?

Answer Right click on the desktop, then either personalize or properties from there screen settings and change the resolutions.

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Web page too large for screen?

which browser?if mozilla firefox, press "ctrl" and "-" until it looks right.

HELP please!! The font on my laptop are too Big, also the page is to large for the screen?

Hold down the Ctrl tab whilst pressing the + or - tabs

My pc screen has suddenly gone large, I have changed screen resolution and it still does not rectify it - hel?

i think its your DPIright click on desktopclick propertieson the display settings you'll see your resolutionclick advancedclick the monitor taband set the screen refresh ratehope this helps

How can i resize my monitor, everything is to large to fit into screen?

Right click on your Desktop, and Properties, then Settings tab, and change the resolution to a bigger one, like 1024x768. If your problem is not with the resolution, try to change the Icons size.