Diablo 3 on a dongle how much mb will this use roughly per hour?

Answer it will tell you on the dongles internet manager statistics tab. My dongle is a 3GB and uses 2GB to run the internet and the other 1GB is for downloading, i can still surf the net freely and send e... Read More »

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How much roughly do you think this will cost to fix and is it worth it?

You have to replace the LCD input display. Which would cost 50-100 depending on where you buy it from.

Roughly how much will my council tax be?

council tax bands in England are based on the valaue of the property in 1991 (or average of sumular properties if built later).i would guess the £27,000 is the approx.value/ band A for the proper... Read More »

How much intrest will I get roughly on £400 in a year?

About £20 if your lucky..! buy Savings Bonds

Help, how much roughly will I need to pay to rent?

well you should be able to find a property for you both, you can either go through the council or private rent, i have included a link for property rentals.