Dial up prompt when trying to connect to wireless network?

Answer In Internet Explorer, you can click Tools > Internet Options > Connections. There's a button there that says "never dial a connection." Hope this helps!

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Trying to connect to a home wireless network but VPN unreachable..?

First off, a VPN is not a basic wireless network.. that is extra hardware that you buy and hard-wire(not wireless) that comes with a monthly service fee to allow safer internet connections.Second..... Read More »

I can only connect to the wireless network when the ethernet cable is plugged in?

When you connect the connect the ethernet cable, you are able to connect to internet because you have installed the ethernet drivers but there is another driver for the wireless card..You have inst... Read More »

Do i need a modem to connect to broadband when i am getting a wireless network card?

You'll need to get a wireless router that can connect to broadband, your ISP should be able to sell you one.The internal modem that Dell will be offering on their web site though won't be of any us... Read More »

I forgot my wireless password, how can I connect to my wireless network again?

Reset the router.Maybe in future put a stick on the back of the router with your password on it.