Did the Australian government make the internet slower?

Answer probably a glitch on the speedtest system. Look at your router stats…

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Would AVG make the internet slower?

I have heard that AVG does slow your PC down slightly ( not as much as Norton does ) I use Avast ( free) and it doesn't slow my Vista down .....remember any good anti virus system will always scan... Read More »

Can extension wire make Internet connection slower?

Yes it can depending on the type of connection, The national electrical code has the spec's on length of wire and any type of wire you use like cat 5 or rs232 phone wire. Any wire can affect your d... Read More »

Why is my internet slower than other laptops in the house?

The wireless card in your laptop might be failing, the internal wireless antena could have disconnected or failed.

How can I prove to Virgin that my internet is slower than what I'm paying for?

Use a broadband speed test and use it whilst on the phone to them. VM have had some problems in the last few weeks with their service dropping significantly from around 5ish to midnight, but seems ... Read More »