Did you give your computer a name?

Answer My one is called the Red Squirrel, but for general purposes I just scream in my flatmates faces 'where the Hell did you put my baby????'

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Did you give your first car a name If so please tell what the name was & why?

I had an old morris minor, dark green it was which was called "The Moggie" or :The Puddle-jumper" and then I moved to L.A and bought the worst Silver Cadillac and called it "Barry" because I Loved ... Read More »

How Can You Give Your House a Name?

While street numbering is prescribed by an Act of Parliament passed in 1765, and every house or property in a city, town or settlement must have a number, followed by the name of the street, house ... Read More »

What name do you give your car?

I'm glad others do name their cars, my boyfriend thought I was mad!I have a blue mini mayfair who's called Miffy - she is my first ever car and I can't get rid of her so she's currently living on t... Read More »

If you had to give up your television or your computer/internet,which would you choose?

Definitely TV, I find I'm watching less and less of it these days.From next week i'm gonna be spending half my week living on a narrowboat , due to it's location the TV signal is pants, I could get... Read More »