Did you know you can run your diesel vehicle on cooking oil?

Answer Where do you get that it is illegal? It is not. The guy that owns several local McDonald's restaurants has a Diesel Volkswagen Beetle that he has converted to run off of the used cooking oil that... Read More »

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If a vehicle has used red diesel can it be legally allowed to use white diesel without any alterations to it?

As far as i know Red Diesel is strictly for Agricultural machines only (which i guess could include say a Land Rover used only on a farm and not ever on the road). You don't need to change anythin... Read More »

Car poll: does your vehicle run on petrol or diesel?

Car petrolVan dieselDid you know that the diesel engine was designed to run on peanut oil?

Is it safe to put cooking oil in a diesel car?

You need to make several mods to the car, these include extra heated pipes from the fuel tank to the injector pump and a higher pressure injector pump.You cannot put cooking oil in a common rail di... Read More »

How to Clean Used Cooking Oil for Diesel Fuel?

Many diesel vehicles, especially older ones, can run on clean vegetable oil. For vegetable to be used as fuel, it needs to be clean and free of foreign particles. If the vegetable oil is not cleane... Read More »