Difference Between Drum & Flatbed Plotters?

Answer A plotter is an automated output device used to print vector graphics, very much like a printer. You can choose between drum plotters and flatbed plotters. Each has its advantages and disadvantages... Read More »

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How Do Flatbed Plotters Work?

Hewlett-Packard Graphics Language (HPGL) is the programming language recognised by the drivers programmed on the processor inside of a flatbed plotter. HPGL is the globally used language for plotte... Read More »

Advantages & Disadvantages of Plotters?

A plotter is a device that draws images on paper after receiving a command from a computer. It differs from the classical printer by using pens to actualise its pictures and thus produce continuous... Read More »

Differences Between Ludwig Drum Hoops: Vintage Vs. New?

The Ludwig Drum company has been manufacturing snare drums since 1909. For periods of time in the early 20th Century, the company was respectively known as WFL, Ludwig & Ludwig, and Leedy & Ludwig.... Read More »

Can anyone explain the difference between ordinary shares and B shares is there a value difference?

If you meant B for bonus share, there is nothing relation with ordinary share and bonus share. In a company, firstly issued shares are generally all ordinary shares, some company issued preferred s... Read More »