Difference between DVD-R and DVD+R?

Answer I suspect the issue isn't with the type of disc, because unless you're trying to play on a really old DVD player from before 2000, it should be designed to treat DVD-R and DVD+R discs about the sam... Read More »

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What is the difference between a DVD-ROM,DVDR and a DVD-RW?

A DVD ROM is a read only device, it will only play DVD and CD discsA DVDR is a type of disc and also a device, for the disc it means Write and for the device it means recorder. The disc is a write ... Read More »

How to Use DVD-RW, DVDR & DVD-R?

Advances in home computer technology have made it possible to record movies and other data onto a blank disc. Whether making copies of your favourite film, storing photographs onto a backup disc, o... Read More »

Can anyone explain the difference between ordinary shares and B shares is there a value difference?

If you meant B for bonus share, there is nothing relation with ordinary share and bonus share. In a company, firstly issued shares are generally all ordinary shares, some company issued preferred s... Read More »

What is the difference between cologne and perfume , and between aeu de toilette and , eau de cologne, ?

Cologne and eau de cologne - men'sPerfume and aeu de toilette - Women'sCologne and perfume are stronger and usually more expensive than eau de cologne and aeu de toilette.eau de cologne and aeu de... Read More »