Different types of computer systems and their purposes?

Answer Erm ok ...Laptop :For mobile computing needs.Browsing the net, keeping track of life, picking up emailsDesktop :For user / standard computing needsWord, excel, playing gamesWorkstation :For high po... Read More »

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What Are the Different Types of Computer Security Systems?

A wide range of different types of computer security systems can be used to provide security in a number of different ways. Software programs are available that allow someone to ensure the security... Read More »

What Are the Different Types of Digital Computer Systems?

Digital computer systems use binary code in order to operate. In terms of binary form there are only two numbers, zero and one, that represent the sending and receiving of communication signals. Th... Read More »

What Are the Different Types of Desktop Computer Systems?

Macintosh®, Microsoft Windows®, and Linux® are some popular desktop computer systems. Designed by Apple®, the Mac OS® is a relatively expensive system known for its user friendliness. Microsoft Wi... Read More »

The different information systems and their main features?

Sorry I don't know exactly what your question is? do you want to know about document management or what. Search document management and you will find various companies that sell it and what it does... Read More »