Diffferent types of NIC and wireless routers?

Answer Hi If you are talking about the Wireless Nics and router, you have 802.11 A, B, G Nics and routers, the most popular now is G because its downward compatible. Thanksbani

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Wireless Routers?

She could use a wireless access point at an elevated place in the house. An access point is a dumb wireless repeater. You can often times configure a wireless router to function as an access poin... Read More »

How Do u connect two wireless routers together?

use cascading option, no need of wire make one as gateway which is connected with DSL/Cable to Internet and cascade the second with this. you can find the detailed steps in manual.

Wireless routers - what does 54mbps mean?

mbps stands for megabits per seconddo not confuse bit with byte8 bit = 1 byte10mbps means that you can transfer data at a maximun rate of 10 megabit per second. However, usually broadband connectio... Read More »

How to Bridge Wireless Routers?

Adding a second wireless router to a network can greatly increase the range and signal strength of the overall network. Bridging routers can also join two or more computers to a Local Area Network ... Read More »