Digital to analog converters and analog to digital converters?

Answer An analog signal is a continuous wave form. A digital signal is the closest representation of that analog signal in the form of 0's and 1's. DAC's as the name suggest, are converters from one form ... Read More »

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How do analog to digital converters change the analog input signal into a stream of numbers — RME, Santa Monica, CA?

A typical analog-to-digital converter (ADC) uses a process called "successive approximation" to find a binary number that accurately represents the voltage on an input wire. It samples the voltage ... Read More »

What is analog I hear about digital audio being better than analog, but nobody defines what analog is. — DG, Houston, TX?

In analog audio, the air pressure fluctuations of sound at the microphone are represented by a continuously variable physical quantity such as an electric current, a voltage, or a magnetization. Th... Read More »

I read a recent article about the FCC requiring all TV stations to switch to digital signals instead of analog ones by 2006. How are digital signals different from analog signals, and will they work with our current TV's — JP?

Current video signals use continuous physical quantities to represent the brightness and color of the spots on a television screen. For example, the current in a video cable can take any value and ... Read More »

How Do I Know Which is Better, Analog or Digital?

When deciding between an analog or digital signal, it is important to be informed about the benefits and drawbacks of each type. Some pieces of equipment offer both options, others only one. Usuall... Read More »