Disk defragmenter program , how do i select..........?

Answer It takes my computer a few hours to defrag. Maybe 2 hours tops now that I think about it. I start it before I go to sleep so it's always done in the morning. I do it once a week. I'm not sure if th... Read More »

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How do you do disk cleanup and Disk Defragmenter in a MAC computer?

Hello beber al agua,As the others have told you, defragging isn't something you need to worry about on the Macintosh. However, you do have to repair permissions occasionally. You can do that thro... Read More »

Disk Defragmenter?

It's perfectly safe. It rearranges the data on your PC so that it can be found more quickly by the computer.Make sure you use the Defragmenter provided in the System Tools folder, not some third-p... Read More »

Should I use the Disk Defragmenter?

To explain it simply to you. You have a hard drive full of programs and data. When you remove bits it leaves what they call free space available to be rewritten over.When you add fresh data the sys... Read More »

What is a Disk Defragmenter?

If your computer seems to be running a little slower than normal, a disk defragmenter is one possible way to speed it back up. A disk defragmenter isn't a miracle cure, but it does have the power t... Read More »