Disk image seems too small?

Answer I regularly use a program called Norton Ghost, the compression this gets quite a good compression ratio, sometimes an 80GB Hard Disk can be compressed down to 40GB or 50GB, it all depends on the so... Read More »

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If you see an image on a website that is too small, is there a way you can search for a bigger image of it?

Save the image from the website. Now go to Google image & now you will see a camera icon in search bar, click there & select that image. Google will show you all image like that or involves with th... Read More »

How to Burn an ISO Image to DVD With a Mac Disk Utility?

Mac OS X contains a disk management program called Disk Utility that has tools for mounting, copying and repairing hard disks and disk images. If you download certain types of software or a compute... Read More »

How to Install Mac Tiger From Disk Image?

Creating a disk image backup of your Mac OS X Tiger installation disk is a good idea, considering how easily DVDs can get scratched or misplaced. If your disk is already lost and you need to reinst... Read More »

If bones "stop" electrons, then why do we see a skeletal image on an X-ray Would we get a negative image?

The bones cast shadows on the film; wherever there is bone, few X-rays strike the film. When the film is developed, it turns black wherever X-rays hit it. Thus the areas that were shadowed by the b... Read More »