Disk image seems too small?

Answer I regularly use a program called Norton Ghost, the compression this gets quite a good compression ratio, sometimes an 80GB Hard Disk can be compressed down to 40GB or 50GB, it all depends on the so... Read More »

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If you see an image on a website that is too small, is there a way you can search for a bigger image of it?

Save the image from the website. Now go to Google image & now you will see a camera icon in search bar, click there & select that image. Google will show you all image like that or involves with th... Read More »

How to Install Mac Tiger From Disk Image?

Creating a disk image backup of your Mac OS X Tiger installation disk is a good idea, considering how easily DVDs can get scratched or misplaced. If your disk is already lost and you need to reinst... Read More »

How to Burn an ISO Image to DVD With a Mac Disk Utility?

Mac OS X contains a disk management program called Disk Utility that has tools for mounting, copying and repairing hard disks and disk images. If you download certain types of software or a compute... Read More »

Why does the internet seems so small?

The most logical answer seems to be that you can only download so much of it in one go because of your computer's RAM limitations