Do I have to register with a social networking site for Polyvore?

Answer surely you can create a polyvore account by just an email. Click on the sign up button, and fill up the required information. But don't ever click on the button that written with facebook or twitter.

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Social networking site question?

Well there are a lot of other popular Social Networking sites out there from a lot of start up companies, they seem to be quite popular. I don't think many people use MSN or Bebo anymore (in fact I... Read More »

Less-known social networking site?

Try the BetterMenber community family social network. It is free to join and has profiles, forums, online chat with music, game archade with 80+ flash games, participation games, and online credit ... Read More »

Whats the best social networking site?

Facebook if you like clean simple ways of keeping in touch with friends/colleagues Myspace if you like whoring, want to practise coding, or just wanna show off a lot of stuffBebo if you're an immat... Read More »

Is MySpace a good social networking site?

I've gotten a hold of many old friends and lost cousins and stuff using myspace. It is after all the most popular site. More people are on it than anything else.