Do I have to renew my provisional licence even when I don't want to drive and take lessons?

Answer No. Of course not. Cancel it.

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Can i take driving lessons if i have penalty points on my provisional licence (counter part)?

Yes!There is nothing to stop you having driving lessons if you already have penalty points and you can go ahead and take your Practical Test in exactly the same way as anyone else can!BUT...The 6 p... Read More »

If I have a full Bike License do I still need a provisional license if I want to take driving lessons?

I dont have a car so only drive when having my lessons. I am learning on a automatic but would like to hire a?

No. You will not be able to go on the insurance provided by the hire company until you have passed the test and been driving for at least 12 months.Its just impossible

Can i take my driving lessons at age of 17 UK (I have a provisional license)?

In the UK. Providing your licence is for Class B ( cars ) you can take driving lessons from your 17th birthday.