Do I have to renew my provisional licence even when I don't want to drive and take lessons?

Answer No. Of course not. Cancel it.

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How do you renew provisional licence?

Can i take driving lessons if i have penalty points on my provisional licence (counter part)?

Yes!There is nothing to stop you having driving lessons if you already have penalty points and you can go ahead and take your Practical Test in exactly the same way as anyone else can!BUT...The 6 p... Read More »

Can i drive a 4x4 on a provisional licence?

Legally you can drive anything up to 3500kg (3.5tonnes) Maximum Authorised Mass with no more than 8 passenger seats. In practice, you'll find it a right handful to cope with (which is why driving ... Read More »

Can you drive a car with a provisional licence aged 16!!?

in the uk NOyou need to be 17 to get a provisional car licence