Do I need a new router?

Answer Yes you do need a new router. These are the brands that you should choose from NETGEAR,Linksys,Belkin or Buffalo.

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If i change my router to wep, instead of wpa will everything connected to the router get disconnected and need?

Yes, everything would need reconfiguring.But do not change it (it may not be possible anyway).WEP has been obsolete for many years at it was a badly flawed system.It can be broken in second with fr... Read More »

How to get wifi: do I just need a wfi router or do I need to pay monthly?

You have to subscribe to a monthly fee for internet service from a service provider in your area (ex. Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Century Link, Verizon, ATT.). Those companies provide a modem, wh... Read More »

Do i need a router to network?

well i doubt ur modem has wireless built into it so you most likely do need a wireless router. You can probably wire your laptop to your modem which would save u some money but if u do get the rou... Read More »

Do I Need a Router for an iPad?

Whether you need a router for your iPad depends on your iPad model and how you intend to connect it to the Internet. Wi-Fi-only iPad models require wireless Internet service -- so if you currently ... Read More »