Do IP addresses give information out on where you live?

Answer They do not indicate your exact location, but websites will usually be able to determine which contry you are from.An example would be, which usually redirect its useres based on their p... Read More »

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Is the Tomtom Live the only Satnav to give live traffic reports?

No.Unlike the TomTom, live traffic is free for life with the Garmin's.With the TomTom live traffic, I found that the delay in the traffic information tended to lead me straight into a traffic jam i... Read More »

Sending multiple Emails. If two or more addresses are put in the to field. Do all recipients see all addresses?

If you use BCC no-one else will see who else is in the BCC fieldBUT....and this is a big butt....if you copy someone into the BCC field, they will also be copied into any "reply all" emails and if ... Read More »

Can you give me some information about Tor?

You DON"T connect to the servers you pass through you pass through them (explanation) you catch a train every station it goes through is not the one you want (pass through) so you carry on until ... Read More »

Can people please give us more information?

As a helpdesk manager _ I couldn't agree more.