Do IP addresses give information out on where you live?

Answer They do not indicate your exact location, but websites will usually be able to determine which contry you are from.An example would be, which usually redirect its useres based on their p... Read More »

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Where you live, and if you use the buses, what rating out of 10 would you give them?

I use First Bus in Hampshire, England (the real one).The biggest problem with them is that they tend not to turn up, which is a bit of a pain if you're trying to get somewhere. They're also expensi... Read More »

Can someone give me the link to where I can download windows live messanger please?

I just typed in windows live messenger and got got all kinds of links for free downloads from Microsoft!Can't figure out how to put one up as a link though!

I am about to give birth in a few days and have no where to live. How can I get a council house FAST?

Sorry but there is a long waiting list, you should of put yourself on this list as soon as you found out you were getting kicked out. Just because you have a newborn baby does not make you jump the... Read More »

Is the Tomtom Live the only Satnav to give live traffic reports?

No.Unlike the TomTom, live traffic is free for life with the Garmin's.With the TomTom live traffic, I found that the delay in the traffic information tended to lead me straight into a traffic jam i... Read More »