Do NTL wall sockets still work?

Answer Ya it will

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What Are Wall Sockets?

Wall sockets are electrical fixtures within the home used to connect power cords to the home's electrical wiring system. Each wall socket, or electrical receptacle, features a female connector that... Read More »

Does RJ11 cable fit into RJ45 sockets for ADSL to work with a broadband router?

No, it will not. RJ11 - phone JackRJ45 - Enthernet CAT-5 cable.they are not same in size

I currently work 15 hrs a week and still sign for national insurance, have i still got to do new deal option?

Hi,think they might leave you alone has your working part time.Unless they are after you working full time.Good Luck

When a bowling ball hits a wall, is it doing work on the wall?

If the wall doesn't move at all, no. Work requires both a force and a movement in the direction of that force. But in reality, the wall will certainly move at least a short distance. When it does, ... Read More »