Do take money immediately for preorders or out of stock items?

Answer Yeah, their FAQ is absolutely crap!Anyways, they take the money out when they despatch the item. They'll email you when it's despatched.It's a bit of a pain if you forget you've ordered it and it t... Read More »

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Stock investing stories have you made or lost money on the stock market?

In the 1990's, the days of irrational exuberance, you could make great money quickly in tech stocks. Today, you have to know how to research companies and follow charts to squeak out a double digit... Read More »

When you close a bank account does any money owed to them become payable immediately?

In the UK, the bank will not let you close an account until all fees and any loans are repaid in full.

If i deposit money before 10 minutes of closing time on a Saturday, will it be in my account immediately?

Banks process deposits Monday through Friday. If it is currency (cash), then it will show up in your account on Monday. If you deposited a check, you will have access to that money approximately We... Read More »

I need to buy some boiler suits/overalls for work. Does anyone know of any shops that stock such Items?