Do You Indent in a Letter?

Answer The key to using indentation in a letter is the purpose of the letter. Personal letters are more casual than business correspondence and allow for a different style. Most letters are written follow... Read More »

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How to Indent for a Thesis Page?

When writing your thesis paper, it is important to know how to indent it properly. Fortunately, your word processor indents your paper for you. You no longer need to know how many spaces you need t... Read More »

How to Block Indent in Word?

Unlike a first-line paragraph indentation, which indents the first line in every paragraph to show clearly where each paragraph begins and ends, a block indentation indents the entire paragraph. A ... Read More »

How to Set the Hanging Indent in OpenOffice?

A hanging indent is the opposite of a traditional indent. In a traditional indent, the first line of a paragraph is shifted to the right of the entire body of the paragraph. In a hanging indent, th... Read More »

How to Indent Text in Facebook Notes?

The Facebook social-networking site allows you to create and publish notes, which are often used to express longer bits of text than what a normal status update can post. Notes also are used to sha... Read More »