Do computers have alarms?

Answer Forget downloading some bloated spyware infected software from the previous posters.Check out what I do:If you use windows ---> Under Control Panel ---> Scheduled Tasks ---> Choose a song that gets... Read More »

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Why do car alarms seem to go off when u have a power cut hapens all the time lol...?

Power cut means no street lights and people can't see where they're going so they bump into cars and set the alarms off. sqtm

I have a Mercedes vito it won't start something to do with alarm do any one know how to reset these alarms ta?

The most likely problem is likely to be a faulty chip in the ignition system which inhibits the van from being started with anything other than the special ignition key which comes with the van fro... Read More »

I have two computers at home?

Just get a CAT-5 crossover cable.Open the control panel, network connections.Open the Local Area ConnectionPress PropertiesIn the scroll list, select Internet protocol (TCP/IP)Press PropertiesSelec... Read More »

How many computers do you have?

7...A main computer mostly used for downloadMain computer 2: Don't really use it for much of anythingLaptop 1: Used next to my bed to go on the internet when I am lazyLaptop 2: My boyfriend uses th... Read More »