Do ethernet leads vary in performance?

Answer Yes. "Ethernet lead" covers a wide range of different media with different performance characteristics. You could have coaxial or twisted pair cable or a fiber optic lead - they are all still eth... Read More »

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Job performance leads to job satisfaction even when performance is not linked to valued rewards?

The prime consideration is whether this is temporary or permanent job satisfaction. You don't want a low ceiling, dead end position to innocuously transition into a career.

In car radio cassette Player. "Identify "power connection from five leads. Speakers leads obvious.?

There may or may not be a wire to dim the lights with the car lights, and there may be one to put your power antenna up and down, but the ground wire should be black, and if you check it with an oh... Read More »

I need an ethernet control driver but my ethernet port is built into the motherboard.?

You will need to download the driver from the ECS website from a working computer. Either burn it to a CD or copy to a flash drive and put into your current PC and installhere is your linkhttp://ww... Read More »

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I normally go for pants first but have been known to put on my bra first if its nearest to hand!