Do facebook make copies of your deleted msgs?

Answer ALL your conversations are kept. They do that in case of the commission of a crime, either by you or against you. The law does not have any rights to just look at your messages, however, if a jud... Read More »

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I am doing my own draught contract to sell my house. Do I need to use carbon copies or will printed copies do?

Houses and bought and sold in the UK using a generally accepted contract, customised for each case.The purchaser's solicitors won't touch a home-made version.

My ex has put my 6 year old son and 11 month baby on facebook,I contacted facebook who deleted it,its on again?

If your ex is also the parent of your children, I can't see how Facebook have any right to remove the pictures. Its Facebook, not anything seedy.EDIT, after further info.Ok. Record everything he do... Read More »

What does it mean when a guy deleted me on facebook?

Deleted my facebook! who else?

Deactivated mine, reactivated it. Then decided to just stop using it. I haven't been on in months. No real reason to. I definitely feel better without it. :)