Do facebook make copies of your deleted msgs?

Answer ALL your conversations are kept. They do that in case of the commission of a crime, either by you or against you. The law does not have any rights to just look at your messages, however, if a jud... Read More »

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What happens to your page if your account gets deleted by Facebook?

I'm pretty sure that page is deleted if you are the soul "owner" but if there is serval of you, the page will still " live on "

Have you ever deleted your facebook, then regretted it?

Not at all, I regret not deleting it a bit earlier than I did.. I wish I can get all the wasted time back so that I can put it into good use :)

If you deleted all your facebook contacts who would not care if you were alive or dead......?

13...out of 203.Which is pretty bad.And 6 of my 13 are my family.All of them are "friends" but these are the proper ones who I will stay in contact with in the future. The rest...I like them, but i... Read More »

I am doing my own draught contract to sell my house. Do I need to use carbon copies or will printed copies do?

Houses and bought and sold in the UK using a generally accepted contract, customised for each case.The purchaser's solicitors won't touch a home-made version.