Do facebook regulars have no life?

Answer haha i agree with you the things they write on there are so stupid like i saw got an upset stomach right now and making bacon for breakfast okkkkkkkkk like I want know that lol xD

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Why do people who have no life go on facebook?

they're bored I have no fb due to one or two stalkers (serious!)i just fill the empty void with Y/A an Twitter

Why do people have better friendships on facebook than they do in real life when face to face?

Because over the internet more people tend to have less of a fear of socializing/being judged because they are the ones that decide what you know and see, get my drift? Thing is I don't have a face... Read More »

I have got two properties do I have to have two life insurance policy's on each?

No. You only need life insurace on yourself. In case you die, the money can go to your beneficiary.

Facebook is taking over my life!!! :/?

SAME. I'm always on it. Go out more with friends or whoever, try and delteing your account but then you'll just be on another site like Twitter or whatnot:)! Do something useful with your time, lik... Read More »