Do file names ive downloaded appear on my internet bill?

Answer HaHaHa what a lad you've made my day with this --- and no it shouldn't it might say you've gone over your aloud amount but it shouldn't say what sites or files

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Hey, i recently downloaded a file and clicked open with internet explorer now everything is opened with it?

2 Thing i can think of to sort this go to the file right click and it should come up with open with button and a properties button if you go on properties it should have an open with and you can ch... Read More »

How do I combine an .srt file to a movie .avi file I have downloaded so that the subtitles comes up?

You have to use media player that can read .srt. I use Core media player, get it from here: open the movie, the click file/open again and change the filetype to "subti... Read More »

Is it usual for a downloaded old animated film to not appear perfect visually?

The Bakshi rotoscoping was excellent for it's day.....the backgrounds were shadowy and weird all throughout. As bad as the adaptation and complete rewrite were, I still love the score, and the voi... Read More »

I use my dad debit card to buy something online , would it appear on his monthly bill?

if he had a monthly statement it would yes, also when he goes to the bank it will show on his balance usually within a couple of days. i take it he doesnt know????