Do i get paid for promoting my facebook posts?

Answer No, you won't get nothing. You have to pay THEM to promote it!! lol.. I had a status with only three likes and it gave me an option of posting it. It doesn't really matter how many likes it ha... Read More »

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On Facebook, is there a way to view my oldest wall posts without clicking "show older posts" lots of times?

Anyone else had their facebook page taken over by a stranger promoting a personal agenda?

Nope Never Have And Yes its Wrong For them To Do That you Got to Becareful Who you Choose as a Page Admin

How do you get onto your posts on facebook?

If you can't get it from your wall, I don't think you can...

Why cant i see her posts on facebook?

She probably categorised you into a list of restricted people she doesn't want seeing things she shares on her Facebook. Maybe she wrote some stuff that's a little bit too personal to her that she ... Read More »