Do i have a LAN connection on my computer, how do i find out ?

Answer Regarding the other answers :Good INFO, But not what you need to KNOW!!!YOU DESCRIBED THE SYSTEM VERY WELL....You have ONE computer DIRECTLY connected to your DSL MODEM.THAT IS YOUR LAN!!You have n... Read More »

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How to Update Computer Drivers When You Have No Computer Connection?

Computer software applications and operating systems use the Internet to connect to servers for updates. However, when that Internet hardware (dial-up modem or Ethernet adaptor) needs an updating o... Read More »

How Can a Desktop Computer Have a WiFi Connection?

A desktop computer can be enabled for wireless networking if you install a wireless adaptor. Adaptors are available as internal cards, usually with an aerial that protrudes from the back of the PC,... Read More »

If I have an IP address of someone elses computer, can I find out where that computer is?

This is a 'Vandalism' address... Which is one that has been abused and then used to 'attack' other addresses.You need to contact the IP addy OWNER and report this address to them and it wil lbe per... Read More »

I have brought a hp lcd monitor,which connection do i use vga or dvl my computer is 6 years old.?

If the Computer is 6 years old, I am going to say you want the VGA connection. This will be usually depicted by a upside down Trapazoid shape that is Blue on the PC and a Blue end on the LCD side ... Read More »