Do i have to carry my insurance.... mot cert.... and driving licence when i am driving my car?

Answer I notice with interest that the most correct answer has received six 'thumbs down' - odd!In the UK, you actually DO have to have your documentation, but not doing so is treated as a civil matter, n... Read More »

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Is a H.G.V.driver required by law to carry his driving licence?

No driver is required by law to carry their driving licence in the UK. However, it may avoid a lot of inconvenience if you have it with you.

Is it a legal requirement too carry your insurance certificate in your car whilst driving?

Focus has it right.Years ago, when police cars were usually a Wolsley with a bell on the front, you were advised not to carry insurance documents and registeration details in the vehicle in case th... Read More »

I got my indian driving licence for four wheeler ,,how can i convert it to uk driving licence?

If you are a recent immigrant to UK you can use your respective license upto 1 year from the day you first entered UK. After that you need a full UK license to drive on public roads.You need to get... Read More »

If you change your address on your insurance and driving licence a long time after you moved- insurance?

Best to call your ins co & ask them the same question after all they are the ones insuring your car