Do i have to carry my insurance.... mot cert.... and driving licence when i am driving my car?

Answer I notice with interest that the most correct answer has received six 'thumbs down' - odd!In the UK, you actually DO have to have your documentation, but not doing so is treated as a civil matter, n... Read More »

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How do I get a Chinese driving licence, I already have a UK driving licence?

China actually does not recognize international driving permits. You need to get a Chinese license.…

When driving should i take my driving licence with me?

In the UK you are not legally obliged to carry your licence when driving. If the police stop you for any reason, you will be required to present your licence at a police station within a certain pe... Read More »

Is a H.G.V.driver required by law to carry his driving licence?

No driver is required by law to carry their driving licence in the UK. However, it may avoid a lot of inconvenience if you have it with you.

I have a provisional driving licence and want to do my driving test but it has my old address is it now void?

Bet you can change it online somewhere - have you tried the dvlc website?