Do i look like Eleanor Calder No hate please?

Answer You do, a little :) and you're very pretty

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What is Eleanor Calder's hair colour?

Eleanor's hair (the natural one) is a bit wavy then she cut it to be "twins" with her friend, Ella and she had it straightened & only when she started college she had her hair in digital perm & par... Read More »

What's a good bebo name for eleanor or ellie?

Maybe -EllyBoo.Ellie.OxEllyy.EleanOrr.etc etc :)Add me on Bebo btw if your online :D this helps x

DOnt you just hate it when you see ppl in the bus putting their dirty feet on the seat I HATE IT?

I hate people who sneeze on the back of my head. I feel my hair move and everything! Eugh!

I hate my job, what can I do?

I can sympathise with you. I gave up office work to work with disabled children in schools, and by far it is the most rewarding and exciting job that I'm doing now.The best thing you can do is to g... Read More »