Do i look like Eleanor Calder No hate please?

Answer You do, a little :) and you're very pretty

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Oh no, now i look like a perv! Please help.?

What does the fob look like admiral sends you out for key care cover need help please?

Sorry, but I don't speak Klingon. Good Luck!.

What does the inside of a microwave oven look like Please show illustrations. — Dade County, FL?

A microwave oven contains (1) a magnetron that produces the microwaves, (2) a high voltage direct current power supply (a high voltage transformer, a set of rectifiers, and a capacitor) that provid... Read More »

I get bullied at school about what i look like. and i have really low self esteem.. please help.?

If you ignore people, look away from them and look uninterested then they often become bored of teasing you. If they think it affects you, then they will do it all the more as it is their idea of f... Read More »