Do i need a router to network?

Answer well i doubt ur modem has wireless built into it so you most likely do need a wireless router. You can probably wire your laptop to your modem which would save u some money but if u do get the rou... Read More »

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Which wireless network router should i get?

Whatever you do please do not buy te home hub. IT's CRAP. You would be as well setting fire to the money. If you don't believe me do a search on here for all questions and type in 'home hub'You wil... Read More »

How Do I Troubleshoot a Network Router?

Troubleshooting a network router is a process of elimination to determine what type of problem keeps the the router from connecting various devices such as desktop or laptop computers to an Interne... Read More »

Printer on router network?

Okay, it's easy to be. Don't worry:) Let's say Computer A is located in the other room while Computer B is ur computer.1) the printer has to be coonnected to a computer A (make sure the driver is i... Read More »

What Is a Home Network Router?

A home network router is a small electronic device. This device allows various people within a home to use the same computer network at once. The router itself acts as the main center of the networ... Read More »