Do i need a telephone line to get wirless internet contion?

Answer if you want one of your own then yes, I however steal my connection from my neighbours. it's their fault really for not securing it.

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Computer Expert needed I need help on setting up a wirless internet connection !!!?

Your Belkin aerial is receiver only.You need to have a wireless router (often modem routers have wireless as well).

Is there a lap top which does not need to be connected to a telephone line?

Most modern laptops are WiFi enabled. Those that aren't (like mine) you can buy a WiFi card for that plugs in to the PCMCIA slot. I use a LinkSys wireless G. This works well anywhere I go in Europe... Read More »

I'm a poor student and can't afford the deposit for a telephone line. Is there any kind of telephone or radio that I can use to communicate with other people — AG, Tulsa, OK?

Yes, you can use a radio to communicate with your friends, but they will also have to have radios. Amateur radio has been popular almost since the invention of radio and the most accessible version... Read More »

What is the difference between a wifi laptop and a wireless laptop and do you need to have a telephone line?

WiFi and wireless are one in the same.Depending upon what you want to accomplish, a telephone line isn't necessarily needed. The wireless adapter in your computer is capable of grabbing a signal f... Read More »