Do i need my home modem to be turned on to get a wireless network?

Answer Yes, if you are at home.

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What is the strongest output modem for wireless network,eg internet?

You might want to rephrase your question as a Modem is a piece of equipment that turns data into a signal that can be sent over a phone line.I think however you are asking about using Wifi over a d... Read More »

Do i need a modem to connect to broadband when i am getting a wireless network card?

You'll need to get a wireless router that can connect to broadband, your ISP should be able to sell you one.The internal modem that Dell will be offering on their web site though won't be of any us... Read More »

When you are at home using your computer, Do you have your Wireless Communication Switch turned on?

Mine is on all the time Lyns.If you turn it off you will have no net access

Can I set up a wireless home network if my main pc is running Windows XP Home?

Yes you can run wireless networking on winxp home. You must "share" the folders you wish to "see" on the other pc. To do this - right-click on a folder & select properties/sharing/share this fold... Read More »